Alloy Reward Network, Good Startup to Exchange Your Reward Points


Crypto currency is so popular today. Businessmen start choosing crypto currency because it is so practice, simple and easy. Have you ever heard about investment using crypto currency? It makes investment process become so easy and you don’t need to do difficult steps for investing your money. By exchange your money into token, you can invest it through investment startup. Nowadays, there is also platform that provides reward. Reward can be changed into local currency. For you who want to change your reward point from various sources into real point, you have to know about Alloy Reward Network.

What is Alloy Reward Network?

Have you ever heard about Alloy Reward Network? Actually, Alloy Reward Network is a good startup to exchange your reward from various sources. Alloy Reward Network offers relation and consolidation to exchange your point from various sources into real point (point to buy goods in real condition). Alloy Reward Network supported by various technology startups such as Codemojo Startup Technology, so this startup is reliable startup you can use for exchange your reward point.

Talking about reward point, you will get so many benefits from it. Why? It is because there are so many reward points left by members, even the point up to $360 billion. There are so many reasons of why they are so many members who left reward point. Most members don’t know about their point’s value. They may think that their reward point doesn’t have value, whereas it can be changed into real point to buy something in real condition. There are also members who are not interested in reward program, whereas reward point can give so much money for them if the points exchanged into real point.

What is the Use of Alloy Reward Network?

As mentioned before, Alloy Reward Network helps people to exchange their reward point. Alloy Reward Network offers Global Rewards Network to relate brand, publishes and consumer in a platform. Global Rewards Network will make customer, brand and publisher to relate, combine, and exchange their reward point into local point such as $, £, €, and many more. So, we can conclude that no matter reward points you have, you can exchange it in Alloy Reward Network. Finally, you can get so many benefits after exchange your reward point into local point.
Well, those are some reviews about Alloy Reward Network. For you who have reward point that relates to crypto currency, you can use Alloy Reward Network to exchange your reward point. Hopefully, this review is useful for you.

Alloy Team


  • Vijay, CEO
  • Shoaib, CTO
  • Munmun, VP Alliance
  • Ravi, Product Manager
  • Varalakshmi, Marketing Specialist
  • Abhishek, Solidity Developer
  • Deepak, Operations


For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Alloy Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Alloy team!

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