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About LanceChain

LanceChain is the decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem. We revolutionize the current way freelancing works by removing the middlemen between the freelancer and the customer. With 0% commission, additional security on every project and careful talent management, we are a one stop shop for everyone who needs or offers freelance based work.

Our mission :

Our mission is to bring the freelancer closer to the customer and vice versa, while removing all unnecessary obstacles and ensuring proper talent allocation. We believe in the ingenuity, professionalism and talent of the freelancing world and want to bring those qualities to the next level.

Advatege our Platfrom :

  • 0% commission on each deal, no matter if it’s hourly rate or fixed fee model
  • No censorship due to the nature of blockchain
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Opportunities to earn more by participating in various processes within the platform
  • One of a kind dispute settlement approach, providing additional security
  • Support of the blockchain community

LanceChain Always Give solution :

The whole platform will work based on several abstraction layers allowing easy enhancement, modifications, additions and replacements of the underlying technologies and services.

the users will interact with a simple and intuitive to use front-end layer in the form of web application working in the browser as well as iOS and Android mobile apps, all designed with a great user journey in mind. The front-end layer will be the connection bridge to our own backing services and the public blockchain responsible for the business processes in place The technology stack has been carefully selected so it fits our requirements best, ensuring the development of stable, fast, secure and scalable platform.

Our Ecosysytem :

There are three layers that compose the LanceChain platform – the user layer, the backend layer and the blockchain (DApp) layer, User Layer to communicate with data that is stored on the decentralized blockchain layer, The blockchain technology is a vital and irreplaceable part of the LanceChain platform ideas, believes and success. Utilizing the decentralized and distributed ledger in conjunction with the smart contracts execution will result in a transparent, immutable, manipulation resistant and no single authority controlled processes

LANC Token Profile :

The LANC token is a key component of the LanceChain ecosystem. As our utility token, on top of transfering funds with no commission, it gives various benefits to its holders. Max total supplay 96 800 000 LANC

LANC Bonuses Offering :



Lancechain Team 
  • GEORGI BACHEV, Chief Business Advisor
  • KONSTANTIN KONSTANTINOV, Chief Technical Advisor
  • PETAR STAYKOV, Advisor
  • THEO SHIKOV, Advisor
  • BOZHKO PORYAZOV, Legal Advisor
  • MARTIN VELIKOV, Financial & Blockchain Advisor
  • ALEXANDRA LALEVA, Marketing Operations Manager
  • TONI BUSAROV, Sales & BizDev Manager
  • VALENTINA NANCHEVA, Head of Creative
  • SLAV KOLCHEV, Customer Success Manager
  • ELENA BLIZNAKOVA, Software Engineer
  • MARTIN SPASOV, Software Engineer
Road Map

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ETH Address : 0x4d0919B35b0544BF0A8590222f9e4152336b04c1

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