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KSS  a consumption-based token framework that allows application developers to monetize any functional component, in any application, running on any platform. A consumption-based monetization model removes the adoption obstacles inherent in one-time fee and subscription licensing, thus freeing the developer to focus on application functionality. With KSS, monetization increases alongside usage, incentivizing application developers to create a compelling user experience. An API interface allows for rapid integration of monetization, while payment gateways and banking relationships are unnecessary as users pay for application usage with KSS tokens, while developers are paid in KSS tokens.

Our Mission :

Our goal is to create the largest decentralized app and products monetization ecosystem in the world, running on KSS. These are the products and systems that will be in place in the near future as we also develop partnerships with developers and companies relevant to our purpose. The Krosscoin Ecosystem scope is limitless and will cover several industries including Fintech, AI, Messaging and social, Lending, Decentralized music creation and distribution, Decentralized e-commerce and freelance platforms, Media.


  1. Krosscoin build apps and a framework that enables monetization using the Ethereum decentralized blockchain.
  2. The Kross Monetization Platform will have an API that runs initially on Android and IOS, with other platform support to be determined based on demand.
  3. The Krosscoin API allows for an application to process a consumption, or usage, fee in KSS
  4. all transactions occur within the KSS Ethereum blockchain, developers can immediately transact by simply sending and receiving KSS tokens

ITO KSS Token :

  • Phase 1 ITO $0.30 TOKEN 12 Million Tokens 70% Discount per token March 14th 2018 to April 12th 2018
  • Phase 2 ITO $0.40 TOKEN 5 Million Tokens 60% Discount per token April 13th 2018 to April 27th 2018
  • Phase 3 ITO $0.50 TOKEN 3 Million Tokens 50% Discount per token April 28th 2018 to May 12th 2018

TTS Bonus :

Depending on the success of the ITO, directly after the sale, the total token distribution will be at around 20 million KSS. Whereas Pipdroid Petal & Pipdroid Pearl, the mobile forex trading bot solutions for MT4 and MT5. The TTS pool will be matched with 100% of all token sent-in during the contribution period. Example: When all 20 million available KSS are sold during the ITO, and all 20 million KSS are sent to the TTS smart contract, Krosscoin will add another 20 million KSS, resulting in a pool of 40 million token locked. After the contribution period ends, KSS will be released on a monthly basis for a total of 12 months to each contributing ETH address according to the number of token contributed. The first installment will be 24% of the amount contributed, followed by 11 rounds of 16% each, resulting in a total payout of 200%.

Krosscoin Team
  • EFOSA IGHODARO, Chief Executive Officer

  • JAKOB ANTONOV, Chief Technical Officer

  • PATRICIA FREEMAN, Business Development Manager

  • TOM LE, Advisor


  • VLAD SERGIENKO, Full Stack/Blockchain Developer

  • ACHREF SAYADI, AI – Fintech Programmer

  • NADINE NGADJEU, Business Development Manager

  • ROVANE DURSAN, Designer

  • HARDIK SAVANI, Webmaster

  • JAMES HERBERT, Community Manager


  • PRINCE ABUDU, Advisor

  • OREST BYSKOSH, Advisor

Road Map

Quick Link


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ETH Address : 0x4d0919B35b0544BF0A8590222f9e4152336b04c1



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