REDBUX CRYPTO The Biggest Revolution In Adult Entertainment

Virtual Reality will become affordable for the mass market in 2018 and scale dramatically. Like with many technological innovations regarding media and payment, the adult entertainment industry is the first adopter, spearheading innovation it  has perfected its own technology in recent years and will launch vrXcity in mid 2018. vrXcity is the world‘s first interactive VR erotic platform for adults. For this purpose, me.mento has already finalized licensing agreements with more than 700 top adult-stars in the adult entertainment industry. And that‘s just the beginning.

About REDBUX :

Building the most advanced viewer experience in vrXcity and revolutionizing payment in the adult entertainment industry with redBUX at the same time. The redBUX token will be the engine boosting the development of the most advanced, responsive, virtual reality porn experience ever created. The vrXcity will be a photo-realistic ecosystem where the user can fully interact with 3D-versions of his favourite porn stars or/and other users and create own content to fulfil all possible fantasies. The newest in virtual reality technology will be combined with artificially intelligent avatars, everything responds to the actions of the user to create the most realistic feel.

Benefit Of Redbux :

  1. Our coio its Expert New and still affordable token with great potential
  2. redBUX (and getting more and more partners on board) will help us building an active community adult entertainment all over the world
  3. Our smart contract ensures a fair and transparent distribution of redBUX. Amateur content creators, stars and studios get their share directly from the consumers

Our Ecosystem :

The vrXcity platform manages the interests of various financial stakeholders. The creator of an adult VR experience, the VR models who virtually act inside that experience, the owner of a virtual scenery and of course the VR consumer – all of them want to reliably receive and send payments from and to other platform members. The digital asset related smart contract structure of vrXcity and its associated cryptocurrency redBUX automatically handle all revenue splits and make sure that all stakeholders of a VR experience receive their contract based redBUX share. As part of the Freemium business model, there is a free basic offer, while additional services are offered for purchase with redBux tokens. The user can choose between monthly packages or pays just for the experiences and services that are desired. Thanks to vrXcity, adult-stars secure long-term and sustainable passive revenue, in return for the one-time effort of having themselves scanned. The advantage for adult-stars is obvious: virtual avatars can generate revenue 24/7. Smart contracts facilitate the accurate determination and immediate distribution of sale revenues between me.mento and the adult-stars upon user purchase.

redBUX Token Profile :

redBUX is designed as a ERC20 utility token and will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the ecosystem of vrXcity as well as in more than 6.000 initial points of payment on adult entertainment websites and retail. Through technical innovations and the use of blockchain technology.

Public Pre-sale 22.03. – 15.04.18
Main Sale (ITO) 16.04. – 15.05.18
Total supply
Crowdsale Amount
Price 1 EUR = 100 redBUX
Pre-sale bonus +35%
Accepted Currencies EUR, USD, ETH
Hard capped yes


redBUX Team

  • SEBASTIAN MALM, Lead Product Manager

  • ANTJE RICHTER, Head of Service Team

  • PAUL PASLEA, Head of Environment Art

  • MATTHIAS MÜLLER, Head of Animation & Mocap

  • ROENA ROSENBERGER, Head of Concept Art

  • CARSTEN SCHEER, Head of Game Design

  • QUINTEN DESSAUVAGE, Head of Programming and R&D

Advisory Board

  • STEVE ORENSTEIN, Founder Wicked Pictures

  • PETER BERGSTROM, CEO/Founder BitBlock Ventures

  • TILL VON AHNEN, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert

  • PETER REUSCHEL, Founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange

  • ANDREAS RAYO KNIEP, Software Engineer at Google. Blockchain expert.

Road Map

Quick Link


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