TOPLANCER The Best Ecosystem For Freelance Industry

About :

TOPLANCER is the Zero commission decentralized freelance platform powered by blockchain, Which connecting clients and freelancers globally. Our three primary goal is create the best place to work & Attract the best clients and freelancers & Become the best service in the market. Toplancer is aiming to solve the problems of current freelancing system. Join us to create the future of WORK.

Benefit Of TOPLANCER :


  • Loyalty & Feedback Rewards
  • Automated tools to make effective proposal easily.
  • Skill matching algorithm, guarantee of quality.
  • Best Service to Clients at the lowest possible outsource cost certainty of freelancer for instant assistance.


  • Separate projects to Newbie’s
  • Reputation and ratings can import from other freelance platforms
  • Earn Toplancer tokens for completing tests matched to your skills
  • Secure instant payment through escrow system


  • Toplancer token price will become high value, since TLC tokens is an entry and exit of jobs in platform.
  • Dispute fees will be shared between members who took part in the dispute settlement.
  • Premium plans amount will be transferred to Toplancer smart contract to be distributed equally between token holders.

Our Ecosystem :

  • Directly connects Clients & Freelancers through the smart contract in Toplancer platform.
  • Client project payment done by local currency. Back-end decentralized exchange instantly converts the local currency into Toplancer Coins
  • Once freelancer submit the project within time frame. Escrow system verifies that job done by freelancer. If freelancer work honored by the client, payments will be send to the freelancer instantly with the equivalent value of Toplancer Coins.
  • If clients is not satisfied the work done by freelancer, further client can appeal to dispute team.


Private Sale Start ​date: on March 1​, ​2018

ICO Start date: ​on APRIL ​1, ​2018

Payment ​methods: ​ETH, BTC

Symbol: TLC

Soft ​cap: 1,000 ​ETH

Hard ​cap: ​ 15,000 ​ETH

Price: 1 ETH = 100000 TLC (+bonus )

Total ​token ​supply ​(max): 3 Billion

Min ​purchase: 0.01 ​ETH


During the Private Sale 20,000,000 TLC tokens will be distributed, which represent 5% of the total amount of tokens available during the ICO. Private Sale  participants will receive a bonus of 100% tokens on every investment until 20,000,000 TLC tokens have been distributed or until the Private Sale ends on 31st March’18 At end of the ICO, all unsold Trade Tokens will be burned.

Toplancer Team
  • HANIF, CFO & Co – Founder
  • RAJESH KUMAR, CMO & Co – Founder
  • DINESH, Chief Technology Officer
  • RAFIQ, Blockchain Developer
  • MATTHEW FORD, HR Manager
  • SRAVAN, Senior Developer

Advisory Board

  • MICHAEL GEHLERT, Co-founder / Investor Nimiq, Humaniq,
    Member of Expert Team of
  • TOMAS AMBRAZAS, CEO at Entry.Money – Startup Mentor
Road Map

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ETH Address : 0x4d0919B35b0544BF0A8590222f9e4152336b04c1


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