DRAGON Global Chips Revolution For Truliy Gamers

Hundreds of high-roller ‘Elite Gamers’ travel to Macau every week of the year to play baccarat and other games of chance in “junkets” – VIP high-stakes gaming rooms with a minimum stake of millions of dollars, Many millions of dollars _ow across the tables in these VIP gaming rooms daily and junket organizers su_er exorbitant fees in arranging for such high volumes of stake monies to be ready for use by a VIP gamer upon arrival, A major junket in Macau might be hosting more than 100 elite gamers at any one time, often producing a rolling turnover in excess of US$250 million a day. With this level of play at the tables and the constant churn of players, the frictional costs su_ered by both junkets and their discerning elite gamer guests related to the positioning of stake money and repatriation of winnings are both huge and punitive.

About Dragon :

Dragon is fortunate & blessed to have close ties to junket operators, who with their long history in the industry have built close relationships with high-rolling VIP players who are the major drivers of Asia’s gaming industry.

Benefit Of Dragon :

  1. Dragon Coin will act as a frictionless, low-cost & transparent alternative financial mechanism within Casinos, to enhance the age-old gaming industry.
  2. Long Term Invest Coin Token Because DRG have capacity for mullti platfrom game
  3. With its expertise in blockchain technology, the Dragon’s is to revolutionize the long standing gaming industry while benefitting those rooted in the industry, as well as all the members of the public who join in the journey to achieve the goals of Dragon Coin.

Dragon Ecosystem :

  1. A Player purchases our DRG ERC20 Token from a Cryptocurrency Exchange.
  2. The DRG ERC20 Tokens are then exchanged for DGC (Dragon Global Chips) at our partner Casinos & Junkets, to be used in the Casino.
  3. Winnings that are paid out to the Player can be converted back to DRG, another cryptocurrency or the Player has the option of receiving a pay-out in FIAT. Our Ecosysytem Its Truly building a business to enhance & improve the way that people engage with Casinos. Transparency & Integrity play a huge role in achieving this, & the Blockchain facilitates that solution perfectly.

DRG Token Profile :

Ticker Symbol DRG

Price : 0.00333ETH per 1 DRG

Total Amount of DRG Created : 500,000,000 DRG Tokens

DRG Allocation

The maximum number of DRG that could be created is

capped at 500 million, which are allocated as follows:

Founders: 10% (50 million DRG)

Advisors: 1% (5 million DRG)

Treasury: 7% (35 million DRG)

Reserve: 10% (50 million DRG)

Token Sale:

(i) Junket Partners 53% (265 million DRG)

(ii) Early Supporters 12% (60 million DRG)

(iii) Public Sale 7% (35 million DRG)

  • Chris Ahmad, Co-Founder & CEO

    Paul Moynan, Co-Founder

    Dr. Alen Siy, Chief Financial Officer

    Yobie Benjamin, CTO


    Advisory Board


    Nick Spanos, Banking on Bitcoin

    Dean Cannell, CoinFabric

    Las Ho Choi, Experienced Junket Operator

    Wannipha (Jen) Buakaew

    Oliver Isaacs

    Vlatko Gigov, Blockchain Token Economics

    Christopher Cannucciari, Banking on Bitcoin

    Dean Anastos, BlockchainDevelopers.org

    Abdul Qaiyoom, Blockchain Investor & Tech Expert

    Samuel McCulloch, SmartICOInvestor.com

    Max Garza, Blockchain Research & Development

    Brittany Kaiser

    Anna Hazlett

    Early Boykins

    Jordan Marshall

Road Map

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Author : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=951832

ETH Address : 0x4d0919B35b0544BF0A8590222f9e4152336b04c1




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