ZLOADR The Revolutionizing Blockchain Broadcast Media Platform

New and existing content creator nowadays, discover there are several factors that will determine if they are to survive and earn enough revenue to keep successfully, doing what they set out to. Most major organizations have somewhat positioned themselves into this mix, making it difficult for new media companies and content creators to establish and carve out a place in the online media hemisphere, where favoritism is given to the selected. Moreover, in 2016, global advertising spend topped $500 Billion, with the top organizations (Google, Facebook & LinkedIn) owning huge market shares of industry related ad markets; depriving hard-working content creators and media publishers out of significant revenues generated from their own creative content; with this only to get worse and continue into other industries.

About zloadr :

Zloadr is a revolutionizing blockchain publishing platform that allows content creators to connect, earn, reach and sell their content to a wide and demanding audience.  Over the last few years of developing and creating unique publishing tools, Zloadr 90% complete to releasing a full blockchain publishing platform for creators of all kind, to come together to make, produce and sell their content to a wide and global audience without losing valuable income.

Advantage Of Zloadr :

  1. Publishing on the Zloadr platform, users content and material is automatically distributed via influencer’s traffic avenues; helping creators gain traction to their content
  2. Profitable Consumers are given the option to purchase creators content or material on the platform. Creators retain the majority of the profit derived from their content/material published on the platform.
  3. Fair and transparent On the blockchain publishing platform, all creators or branded material is published on a first post and transparent basis, meaning that every first and unique published post cannot be replicated or duplicated
  4. App Zloadr blockchain app structure will allow content creators to replicate the pay per view process on mobile devices or even create their own white labeled apps to promote their content off the Zloadr platform
  5. Users are welcomed with tools to create encrypted types of sellable content on the platform such as subscription-based articles, Slides, eBook’s, magazines and newspapers.
  6. Payment & Royalties All creator’s wallets are credited with fiat currency. Fee and royalties are also paid to contributors and connectors/influencers as to information established within the smart contract

ZLOADR Platform :

Zloadr is an autonomous content publishing and distribution platform. All activity and payments run through smart contracts along the blockchain, which is a public distributed ledger of all transactions that will occur when the platform fully launches. A method for the monitoring at a server of crowd-sourced content from any one of a group of participating contributors. To include the monitoring of the submitting, editing, refusing, reallocating and approving of such content.

ZDR Token Profile :

ZDR Price

$0.16 USD | 0.12%

Total ZDR Supply: 100,000,000ZDR in Circulation: 15,106,095

Market Cap: 16,273,000

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Author : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=951832

ETH Address : 0x4d0919B35b0544BF0A8590222f9e4152336b04c1


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